ProStart - The best distance-to-line tool

ProStart - The best distance-to-line tool

Velocitek bring you the ProStart, which is specifically designed, from the ground up, to give you the easiest, most accurate distance to line measurements ever.
Setting the line is as simple as telling your crew to press the boat button as you sail by the RC and then the pin button as you sail by the pin.
Once you’ve pinged both ends of the line, the ProStart uses the latest WAAS-augmented GPS technology to spit out an accurate distance to line measurement every half-second

Due to recent online fraudsters purchasing these online we now have to ask customers to order these units by telephone. The office number is 01329 663883.

Speed and Heading information
Countdown timer
Automatic shift tracking
GPS data logging

•Speed Accuracy: +/- 0.2 Knots
•Heading Resolution: 1 Degree
•Display Update Rate: 2Hz (once every 0.5 sec.)
•Water Resistance: 3m / 10 ft (IPX-8)
•Display: 30mm / 1.18” digit height 120° viewing cone
•Data Logger: Lat, Long, Time, Speed, and Heading recorded at 0.5 Hz (once every two seconds), 30 hour capacity. Data download is compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 and Windows
•Batteries: 3 x AA 20+ hour endurance, rechargeable or disposable
•Dimensions: 120mm x 175mm x 40mm / 4.72” x 6.89” x 1.57”
•Weight Including Batteries: 448g / 0.99lb
•Bracket Compatibility: Velocitek ProStart Mast Bracket or any Tacktick Micro Compass bracket.
•GPS Chipset: u-blox LEA-5M
•Warranty: One year

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Price: 399.00